Hey there. Go ahead now and begin to make yourself comfortable. Adjust your position. Wiggle your shoulders, wiggle your body, sink down into your body, and then feel as if you’re just kind of letting go a little bit into the cushions or the chair that surrounds or supports you. Now do not listen to this audio while driving a car or operating machinery as it will put you into a very deep state of relaxation. Gently close your eyelids and just focus on your eyelids right now and make sure that you are closing them gently. So it’s just a really gentle closing of your eyelids free of any type of tension or clenching. Just relaxed and peaceful. And you’ll find that as you focus on this really peaceful closing of your eyelids and as you focus on the sound of my voice, that you already feel relaxation in your body. So feel a release, feel a letting go, feel even relief. Kind of like this is well-deserved time. You’ve been busy, you’ve been working hard, and it’s good time for relaxation, self-care, peacefulness. And that already feels good. Take in a good, deep, cleansing breath now. Fill up your lungs completely, expand your rib cage out, feel almost like a stretch in your rib cage kind of like when you wake up in the morning and you stretch and you yawn and just open it all up. Feel that now as you breathe in deeply. And then as you exhale, feel a nice release; actually, you can even verbally just sigh and let it out. Do this a few times. So every time you breathe in, feel that stretching and that expansion in your lungs and in your rib cage and then let out a good sigh and release as you exhale. You’ll even feel your shoulders kind of sink down even further with that kind of exhale and release. Breathing in, stretching it, exhaling, releasing, feeling a wonderful peacefulness flowing already through your mind and body. And know that every single time that you listen to this audio and every single time that you choose to do hypnosis that you will go deeper and more relaxed. As you’re training your mind and body into peacefulness and into relaxation. This is true peace of mind. So it will be easier and easier every time you listen to this audio and every time you do hypnosis, also more and more powerful each and every single time because you’re becoming more comfortable, more receptive, more open. So easier and easier for you to relax, easier and easier for you to let go, more and more receptive, and then the suggestions are more and more powerful. Gently relaxing, automatically, with every single exhale of your breath. Hypnosis is a great tool, and it does facilitate rapid change. Results are proven to be highly effective. And with repetition, there is a proven change to your neurotransmitters and synopsis pathways. Opening up your mind, feeling willing, feeling ready, feeling comfortable. Know that you are the one choosing positive healthy changes for yourself in your life and because you are the one choosing positive healthy changes in your life, you feel very open and receptive. Exhaling deeper, releasing further, letting go, feeling a readiness. And bring your attention to your heart area and feel as if your heart is open. In that manner, when you trust, when you feel comfortable, when you feel receptive, when you let your guard down, you are familiar with all these feelings from your life experiences. So create that feeling right now right in your chest around your heart. Letting your guard down because you are making this choice to relax. You’re making this choice to go into hypnosis. You’re making this choice to make positive, productive, powerful changes in your life. And with that open receptive feeling, you will accept the suggestions that feel right to you, that feel good to you, that feel: ‘I like this. This is what I want,’ ‘I like this. This is what I’m ready for,’ ‘I like this. This will work for me,’ ‘I like this. This is exciting,’ ‘I like this. I’m excited for the positive changes in my life.’ So take in another good deep breath and breathe in this time in through that kind of heart area. So you’re breathing into these really wonderful positive feelings of being receptive, of being open, of being ready, of being excited. And as you exhale, relaxing deeper and further. You may adjust your position at any time. You might cough or itch or sneeze; doesn’t matter. Whatever it takes to help you to then let go again and relax even deeper and further. And know that just the sound of my voice now helps you to relax deeper and further. And the more comfortable and the more relaxed and the more open and the more receptive that you are, the more deeply you accept the positive suggestions that you choose. So feeling open and ready now. Have that positive thought and feeling of ‘I’m ready. I like this. And I’m ready for these positive, healthy, constructive changes in my life.’