Hey there. Do not listen to this audio while driving a car or operating machinery as this will put you into a very deep state of relaxation. Hypnosis creates an empowering shift in perception which goes to the subconscious level of your mind and assists you in the positive changes that you are desiring. I’d like you to start off by making yourself comfortable. So go ahead and adjust your position, kind of wiggle into any cushions that may be surrounding you, lean back, maybe relax your head against something. And know that as we move forward that you can adjust your position at any time, that it will actually help you to go deeper and more relaxed. If you ever have to cough or sneeze, you can do that also and then just relax again as you follow my suggestions. So go ahead and close your eyelids and bring your attention, right now, to your eyelids, and as you’re closing them, do that gently. And you can play around with it for a moment and notice like what it would feel like if you closed your eyelids more aggressively and tightly and then make the correction to close them gently. This in itself is a task, a skill, to be able to bring your conscious mind and your focus and attention to your eyelids and then notice what it feels like to calmly close and relax them. And in the same manner, I’d like for you to bring your attention to your breath. So you’re directing your conscious mind right now and focusing on your breath. And actually focus on specific details of your breath. So you’re going to breathe in through your nose and actually notice the temperature of the air as you breathe in through your nose and you’ll see that there is a subtle difference in the temperature of the air that you’re breathing in compared to the temperature of your body. As you breathe in again, notice the air as it moves past the little nose hairs and that’s how you feel the sensation of your breath moving into your body through your nose. The next time you breathe in, bring your attention to your throat and, in the same manner, follow your breath as it moves through your throat and feel the difference in temperature as you inhale this air into your body. You’re deliberately managing your mind and intentionally bringing your focus to your breath right now and to specific details of your breath. And the next time you breathe in, feel the air in your lungs. So as you breathe in, feel your lungs expanding in your rib cage, having a really nice stretch as it opens. This is actually a really good feeling, so enjoy this feeling for a moment: having your full conscious attention on your lungs, bringing in this beautiful air, and your rib cage stretching in a really comfortable, beautiful way. This action brings peace to both your mind and body. Notice already the peace of mind that you are now experiencing in your brain, in your head, in your mind. The peace that you are experiencing in your mind, this is true peace of mind. And already know that you are developing, right now, a very important skill set. And just as you are now experiencing peace of mind in your brain, in your thoughts, in your head, with repetition this skill set will get reinforced and it will become a very important habit for you to have in your life so that not only are you capable of having peace of mind in a deliberate hypnosis session but you will also be beautifully capable of having peace of mind in any experience in your life. This is a wonderful and very powerful tool. You’re bringing your conscious attention to your breath and the details of your breath. And now, focusing on the exhale. Starting with your lungs and rib cage and, as you exhale, kind of feel your chest as if it’s sinking beautifully and comfortably into your body and then your shoulders also relaxing down as you completely release the breath from your body. Again, noticing that this is a really comfortable great feeling to relax, let go, exhale and release any tension in your body. As you exhale this breath, you can notice that the temperature of the air as it leaves your body through your throat feels warmer and more moist. Notice this sensation in your throat with each exhale of your breath. And feel yourself relaxing deeper and further with every single breath that you take. And with each breath you have greater and greater peace within your mind and within your body. On the next exhale, bringing your attention to your nose again, and as you feel the breath touching the little hairs within your nose on the exhale, you can feel the sensation of that air leaving your body. And again, notice the shift in temperature of the air leaving your body compared to the air that you’re bringing in. Now I want you to know that it’s ok if your conscious mind wanders while we’re doing these tasks, these skills. That right now you are in a learning experience, in a practice experience, and what you are learning: the skill of managing and supervising your mind, deliberately bringing your focus onto one thing that you’re choosing to focus upon, going into the details of that one thing so that you are engrossed in that experience, and the skill of being able to go into peace within your mind and body. Relaxation within your mind and body. A letting go of the thoughts you’re choosing to not engage in right now and letting go of any holding or tension in your body. These are extremely powerful tools, and you are already noticing the benefit of these tools, of these skill sets, as you are deeply and profoundly experiencing peace within your mind and body right now. Any time that your conscious mind wanders off, you just gently bring it back to the details of your breath. Do this with patience. Do this with self-love. Do this with compassion and acceptance and understanding that you’re really wonderful conscious mind, quite frankly, has been able to wander whenever it wanted, however long it wanted, and into whatever topic it wanted. But not anymore. You are now managing your conscious mind. You are now supervising and directing your conscious mind. Teaching it one-pointed focus, concentration, engagement, presence, mindfulness, and being in the now. Just as you brought your attention to your eyelids and then you brought your attention to the inhale of your breath and then you brought your attention to the exhale of your breath and you’ve brought your attention to the relaxation in your shoulders, the releasing and letting go, I’d like for you now to bring your attention to the very top of your head. And imagine, right now, that there is the most beautiful, wonderful, calming, peaceful, glorious, magnificent, gorgeous wave of relaxation and it’s hovering right above your head right now. Now you are free to visualize or imagine this any way that you choose. This is your experience. So visualize or imagine the most glorious, spectacular, gorgeous, powerful, empowering, peaceful, pleasant, calming wave of relaxation above your head. And notice, right now, that it’s very slowly and gently beginning to move down so that it fully surrounds, embraces, encompasses, and penetrates your skull and the top of your head. Follow this glorious and miraculous wave of relaxation as it moves down your forehead to the area between your eyebrows to your temples, the side of your head, and the back of your head. And feeling the results of this amazing wave of relaxation as it truly and deeply relaxes each part of your body and every single cell, every single organ, every single nerve that it comes in contact with. So you can feel this blissfulness as it moves down your face and into your cheeks, in your jaw, the back of your head, your tongue, all relaxing in the most pleasant way that you’ve ever experienced. Feeling this wonderful wave of relaxation as it moves down into your throat, the muscles along the sides of your neck, and down into your shoulders. This gorgeous wave of relaxation is very powerful and it’s helping you to feel the most peacefulness within your mind and body. More peaceful and pleasant than you’ve ever experienced before. Moving down into your upper arms, your biceps, your triceps, your upper chest, your lungs, into your beautiful heart and your upper back. Bringing the most beautiful and comfortable feeling as it moves down into your torso and your belly, your intestines, your lower back, your waist, your lower arms, your forearms, your wrists, then your hands, and your fingers. This amazing, miraculous, peaceful, most pleasant wave of relaxation is moving into your hips, into your thighs, swirling through your thighs, through your knees, around your knees, just feeling like it’s even lubricating all the bones and joints, tendons, connections. It’s bringing the most blissful state of relaxation that you’ve ever experienced. Following this wave of relaxation as it moves down into your shins and your caps, your ankles, your feet, and your toes. So feeling peacefully calm and feeling pleasantly relaxed knowing that the deeper and more relaxed that you allow yourself to go, the better it does feel. And the better it feels, the deeper and more relaxed that you allow yourself to go. And just as with any skill set, you notice that not only are you excited to have this very powerful set of skills now — skills that bring peace to your mind and body — that with repetition, these skills get more and more powerful, more and more readily available to you, more rapid in their ability to help you, and more and more permanent. You have a powerful mind. And so know that every single time that you listen to this hypnosis audio or any time and every time you choose to do hypnosis, you do go deeper and more relaxed as it is more and more powerful with repetition, and it does get easier and easier for you relax and for you to go into this wonderful state of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a great tool which does facilitate rapid change. Results have been proven to be highly effective. And with repetition, there’s proven change to your neurotransmitters and synopsis pathways. Feeling this glorious peace within your mind and body and feeling like you are truly and deeply ready for wonderful, empowering, permanent, productive change in your life. Feel as if you are opening up your mind right now to receive positive, healthy, wonderful suggestions for the change that you desire. And you can see that your mind is opening up in the same way that you would see the pedals of a flower opening up to the rays of the sun. Feel open, feel ready, feel receptive, and know that you will accept, at the deepest levels of your subconscious mind, the positive powerful changes that you now desire so much so that it will feel very natural and easy for you to implement and see these positive changes in your life. So opening up, feeling ready to receive right now. Have a feeling of ‘I’m ready. I like this. This is going to work for me.’