So taking in that really good deep breath. Feeling really good about these suggestions. Feeling receptive to these suggestions. Feeling like your mind is truly a sponge, absorbing and accepting these suggestions. Seeing your mind as it has been open like the petals of a flower to the rays of the sun. Feeling in your heart the truth behind these suggestions and how much you want these positive, healthy wonderful changes in your life. Feeling like, “I would like this, I want this. This is exactly where I am now in my life and what I want for my tomorrows.” Some breathing in deeply, feeling amazing, feeling wonderful in every single way. Feeling that amped up feeling of this is great and I’m excited to see how easy these changes take effect in my life. You’ve received them at the deepest level of your mind and body so all of these positive changes will now feel automatic, instinctive and intuitive. Just naturally now occurring. So I am going to count from one to three, you’re gonna emerge at the count of three or ignore the count and drift into a really wonderful deep state of sleep, waking whenever you choose feeling amazing and refreshed. So at 1, just slowly easily and gently, feel yourself coming back to your full awareness. At the count of 2, still feeling relaxed and calm but wiggling your fingers and wrists and ankles and toes as you are bringing yourself back into your beautiful body. Then get ready, because on the next count you’re either going to ignore it and drift into a deep wonderful sleep, waking whenever you choose or emerge feeling amazing. So at 3m opening up your eyes, feeling alive, feeling excited for your day or drifting into a beautiful state of sleep, either way excited about these positive changes in your life.