Feeling like your mind is open, receiving, excited for these wonderful permanent changes to be received deeply and fully within your mind and body, programmed into your subconscious mind knowing that your neurotransmitters and synopsis pathways have been positively affected, so you receive all of these suggestions from this audio with a feeling of “I like this. This is what I want. This is what I desire. This is truth for me. I am ready for this positive change in my life. I feel inspired. I feel excited. I feel desire. I feel energy of being in my power empowered.” And just as that flower opens up to the rays of the sun with its petals expanding and receiving, know that your subconscious mind is wide open to receiving and accepting these most wonderful, positive, healthy changes in your life. It is your time now. You have learned so much through your life and through your experiences. You have great clarity about who you are and what you want in your life. You have gone through experiences which have helped you to learn and gain wisdom about who you are, the uniqueness of who you are, and what you personally desire for yourself in your life. Through life experiences, through day-to-day events, you’re able to have contrast and notice, “Hey, I like that. Hey, I admire that. Hey, I’d like to have that” or “Hey, I don’t really care for that. That’s ok. It’s just not me. I don’t really desire that, and it’s fine. It’s just not who I am.” And as you go through life, you gain the clarity through the contrast to get more and more clear about who you are, the uniqueness of who you are, how you want to live your life, what experiences you’d like to have, the direction you’d like to lead your life in, the choices that you’d like to make, the clarity to make those choices as opportunities present themselves, and the powerful ability to work with your life in a manner that you are co-creating. Where you honor and respect the uniqueness of who you are and the clarity that you’ve gained and make healthy and positive choices for your life so that you stay on track with who you are and what you desire. Feeling inspired for those healthy and positive choices, and then inspiration guides you along a path that keeps you on your path, on your life purpose path. We are able to honor your gifts, your talents, your interests, your passions, your skills, the uniqueness of who you are. We’re able to know then that as different people in different experiences cross your daily path that you can know when something feels compatible or conducive to who you are and what you’re desiring in your life, and you can know by a feeling in your body when something or somebody is not conducive or compatible with the life that you’re choosing. And then, free of judgment, you can make decisions about, ‘Do I want this person or this circumstance or this opportunity in my life? Does it fit who I am and what I desire, or does it not?’ And it’s totally fine if it doesn’t. So feel as if you’re on a mission of clarity, of syncing up and being aligned in a co-creation process where you’re gaining the clarity, the understanding, the wisdom from your experiences to notice what makes me feel alive, what makes me feel amazing, what makes me feel inspired, what makes me feel love. I want more of those things in my life, and I want to weed out, free of judgment, the things that just don’t happen to align with who I am and how I want to live my life. Lovingly going through this process, knowing that you are in your power, that you are empowered to co-create a life that you desire to make the wonderful positive changes along the way to help you to live the life that you desire, to make the wonderful positive changes in your habits so that you can be your most powerful self and have the most optimal of performance in the experiences that you choose to engage in. And with this ability and with this mindset, with this intention, you actually really become more and more empowered every day, more and more clear every day, more and more wise to who you are and what you want to experience in your life every day, gaining the confidence more and more every day to honor who you are and the most loving of manners to honor the people you choose to have in your life and the experiences you’re choosing, the lessons that you’re learning, and the wisdom that you’re gaining, and even the weeding out of the people or situations or circumstances that just don’t so happen to fit who you are and how you want to live your life. Doing this lovingly, with clarity and peace of mind, knowing that the positive changes of the suggestions of this audio are one more step in helping you to be more empowered, helping you to clear out what’s no longer working for you, and helping you to bring in an experience what you do want in your life. So breathing into the wonderful positive changes, feeling like you’re accepting them at the deepest levels of your mind and body, have that feeling of ‘I like this. This is working for me. This is my truth. I’m excited for where my life is going. I’m excited for this moment. I’m excited for each morning that when I awake, I will enjoy the day. I will enjoy experiencing the contrast. I will enjoy gaining more insight as to who I am and what I want. I will enjoy noticing the opportunities of people and circumstances in life as they crossed my path and that I have an opportunity to choose what fits for me and what doesn’t with love.’ That it’s a wonderful and fun journey. And it becomes seemingly miraculous as you will notice the serendipitous moments, the seemingly miraculous people that come into your life, the seemingly miraculous opportunities that come into your life, the seemingly miraculous crossing of people’s paths or situations that present themselves. Life actually becomes very fun, enjoyable, mysterious in a wonderful way where you can wonder like a child. What’s around the corner? What will life bring me today? How can I honor myself, who I am, and what I truly love about who I am and what I want in my life? Becoming more and more skilled and empowered in the ability to notice how your body feels as it gives you feedback as to whether people or certain opportunities fit who you are and where you want to go in your life or whether they don’t. It’s a dance that you are now beautifully engaging in. A very beautiful dance with creation, with the divine, with the powers that be. You play an important part and you know now that it’s time that you present your most powerful self to this dance with presence and peace of mind, healthy constructive mindsets and habits, an honoring of your gifts and talents, and honoring of your uniqueness, what you bring to this planet, how your life matters, how your contribution matters, and how ready you are now to do this with the most peak human performance, with the most healthy of minds and bodies and choices and experiences. You feel the energy of love flowing throughout your body right now. You feel the energy of being inspired and happy to be alive. You enjoy the feeling of excitement for your day-to-day life. You feel, within every cell of your body, a love for life, a desire to enjoy every single moment, to be your best in every moment, to experience the beauty of every moment, to engage in every moment, to playfully, beautifully enjoy the dance with creation. So taking in a wonderful, good deep breath and breathing in and just feeling so much love and peace within your mind and body. Releasing through any exhale any type of tension or holding, feeling more alive than you’ve ever felt. Now I’m gonna count to three. You can either ignore the count and drift into a wonderful, peaceful, cleansing deep sleep and waking whenever you choose, feeling amazing and refreshed and excited for the rest of your day, or you can emerge at the count of three, feeling amazing and refreshed and ready for the rest of your day. Whichever you choose now. So one, just slowly easily and gently begin now to feel yourself coming back to your full awareness. Feel as if you are kind of re-entering into your body so that you feel the cells of your body and you can feel your arms and legs and torso again. The count of two, wiggling your fingers and your toes and your feet and your hands, wiggling your shoulders a little bit. And then get ready at 3, opening up your eyes and noticing how amazing you feel. Or ignoring the count and drifting into a wonderful deep state of sleep for however long you choose, feeling empowered, feeling a true genuine love for life, feeling excited for where you are now and where you are going.